George Stavrinos

George Stavrinos (1948-1990) often used trompe l’oeil to capture the viewer’s eye. The globalization of fashion is just one of the messages in the Japanese-inspired illustration for Bergdorf Goodman. He uses the obi-styled sash and the origami-cut pants as points of departure for a lavish presentation.

GEORGE STAVRINOS, 1981, Graphite, For Bergdorf Goodman, Donor: Artist

GEORGE STAVRINOS, 1983, Graphite, For Bergdorf Goodman

GEORGE STAVRINOS, 1983, Graphite

GEORGE STAVRINOS, 1985, Graphite, For Filene's

GEORGE STAVRINOS, 1986, Graphite, For Marshall Field

GEORGE STAVRINOS, 1987, Graphite, For Dayton Hudson

GEORGE STAVRINOS, 1989, Graphite, for Lord & Taylor