Alvin Pimsler

In 1941, Alvin Pimsler was an illustrator just out of Pratt Institute when he was drafted into the army. He was captured in Alsace-Lorraine by the Nazis and served as a Prisoner of War. He returned to have a brilliant career as an illustrator for publications including The New Yorker and the Fashions of The New York Times. He became the president of the Society of Illustrators and taught at FIT. Recognized for his classic “mad men,” he perhaps found inspiration close to home. In 1975, The New York Times made him the subject of a profile in style, noting, “[Pimsler] is best known as a fashion illustrator; his relaxed-style drawings suggest, in fact, the artist himself.”

ALVIN PIMSLER, ca. 1950s, Charcoal and watercolor, For Countess Mara, Donor: Artist (FIT faculty)

ALVIN PIMSLER, ca. 1950s, Charcoal and wash

ALVIN PIMSLER, ca. 1950s, Watercolor

ALVIN PIMSLER, ca. 1950s, Charcoal